Happy Group

Posted on by Jennifer Berg

Yesterday I had 14 youth in my group at Linn County Juvenile Detention.  This is a large group for me, I usually have an average of 10.  With that said the room was packed with students who were ready to enjoy a break from the staff.  Many of the youth were returners and have been there for a few weeks so it's always fun to catch up and feel like you know each other better.  I did have three new students who didn't have a clue who I was and why in the world I was there.  They had plenty of questions and were happy I came and brought licorice.

Recently we had a nice donation to help with purchasing books for the facilities where we do ministry.  I brought a few more yesterday and the kids started saying how much they loved the new books.  One of the books is from a series and they were so anxious to get the next ones.  So I guess I will be buying more to add to the collection.  It feels good to give them something to read that has a great story and message.  Thank you to the Huddart Family Foundation for helping make this possible!

Happy Thursday to you!

Jen (AKA "The Licorice Lady")

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